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Jennifer Austin
"I've tried white strips and many OTC products from my pharmacy but they never worked. I could tell a slight difference but the other products never gave me the results I was looking for. White Teeth Global's kits are easy to use and finally gave me the level of whitening I have been looking for."
Mary Farley
"I did not want to use a strong whitening gel so I opted to try White Teeth Global's 2 step Foaming system. This system couldn't be easier to use. It is literally like simply brushing your teeth. I used it for a month and saw a difference. Now I am hooked"
Jessica Swanson
"Image is important for my job and I use Tooth Gloss regularly to keep my smile strikingly beautiful. They say you can never make a second first impression so I try to keep my smile looking as good as possible."
Mark Smith
"I had my teeth professionally whitened and they gave me some take home gel to use. However when I ran out of gel and asked for more, the dentist wanted to charge me a fortune. White Teeth Global's refill gel is just as strong as my dentists or stronger and I pay half the price."

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