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5 Important Considerations Before Getting Aligner Trays

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Aligner trays are a very useful and practical solution for misaligned teeth. Forget about suffering from low self-esteem because of misaligned teeth that make you visit the psychiatrist Bay Area for advice. These convenient trays come in the form of plastic, mouldable trays, one for each row of teeth. You can fix them simply by sliding them over your teeth. Nowadays, invisible aligner trays are also popular as these are hardly detectable, giving you a perfect smile while helping to align your teeth smoothly. But before you go to get aligner trays, here are 5 things you must think about.

1. Fit with your lifestyle

Aligner trays work differently than traditional braces. While both help you to align your teeth in perfect symmetry, you need to be aware of the fact that aligner trays come with specific usage behaviours that you will need to learn. According to the best psychiatrist Bay Area, every major treatment requires lifestyle modifications. Firstly, you cannot simply slip in a pair of aligners and forget about them, as it happens with braces. You need to remove them when you brush your teeth, and while drinking and eating. It is a habit that you will learn to develop and make arrangements for carrying a clear container with you when eating out with friends. 

2. Getting a trained specialist

With aligner trays, it is critical that the trays are constructed with the correct alignment of your teeth to make sure that your teeth can be brought into the right position. Your doctor should be trained and certified in the making of aligner trays. They should use a scanner to get 3D images of your teeth that are eventually used to make customised plastic aligner trays for your teeth. Always ask your dentist if they are certified to recommend and prepare aligner trays for their patients. If not, then you might have to look around for qualified dentists in your area. 

3. Duration of the treatment

Keep in mind that aligner trays require some time in order to be effective. Have a detailed consultation with your dentist about how long you will need to wear your aligner trays. Also ask them whether you can wear them while taking other forms of treatment. Find out the normal time it would take for the procedure to be completed and the usual delays that can be expected. If you are aiming to get your teeth aligned for a particular event or occasion, then discuss this openly with your dentist. They might be able to offer a faster and more efficient procedure to help you meet your goals.

4. Costs 

This is a very important issue to consider. Since aligner trays are customised according to each patient’s unique case, the costs are equally variable. Make sure to discuss every aspect of the cost with your dentist before commissioning a pair of aligner trays. Ask your dentist if there is a standard fee for the aligners, and if so, what that includes. Also ask them the number of refinements that the fee covers. Other things you need to ask about are the replacement costs, retainer fees and the available payment options. 

5. Maintenance

This is the most important thing to consider when getting aligner trays, especially if you want them to last long and work well for you. Discuss in detail with your dentist the proper maintenance methods for the aligner trays. One golden principle is never to clean the aligner trays with toothpaste or any kind of soap. Always choose the recommended cleaner to wipe your aligner trays and keep them bright and clear. Or, you can simply rinse them with tap water and clear away any particles with a toothbrush. 

Final thoughts

The right pair of aligner trays can bring you closer to your perfect smile and give a boost to your self-confidence. Having a frank and open discussion with your dentist will help you learn more about whether it is the right solution for you, and what you need to do to get the best results. Our smile expresses our feelings and adds great value to our social interactions and relationships. As long as you keep in mind the 5 considerations discussed above, you’ll be on your way to getting nicely aligned teeth that will help you feel better about yourself.

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