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What Every Clear Aligner User Should Know

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Braces are necessary to straighten crooked teeth, however, most choose not to have them as it affects their appearance and is quite uncomfortable. The good news is that you can still fix crooked teeth using trays that are invisible — well, almost. Invisalign aligners help in making the teeth straight without dimming your smile.

Here are some must-know tips you should be aware of if you use clear aligners. 

Always Wear Your Aligners

You can easily remove the Invisalign aligner, which can be both a boon and a bane. While it comes to your benefit when you eat as you can easily take them out, there is a good chance that you might forget to put them back on. The thumb rule is that you need to wear Invisalign for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. Not doing this may delay the treatment and not give the desired results. Put them back immediately after you eat or take them out for any reason. 

Watch What You Eat

Since Invisalign trays can be easily removed, it means that you can pretty much eat anything you want. However, it is advisable to stay away from some kinds of food, especially those that leave a stain like coffee, wine or chocolate. Hard foods like candy or nuts should also be avoided to prevent damage to the aligner. Stick to healthy, fibre-rich, and non-sugary foods. Sugary foods can remain stuck between the teeth and the aligners and increase the risk of tooth decay and cavities. 

Clean Your Aligners Properly

It is extremely crucial that you clean the aligners properly to avoid discoloration, buildup of bacteria and foul odor. Take the trays out and clean the teeth and tray thoroughly two times a day. Rinse them every time you take them out to prevent dry saliva and plaque from building up. Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the trays and brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove the plaque. 

Avoid using a toothpaste to clean them as it will cause a dull sheen to the trays, thus making them more noticeable in the mouth. Avoid colored and scented soaps as they could stain the trays and leave an unpleasant taste when you put them back in your mouth. Soak the aligners in clear aligner cleaner and brush away any plaque or food particles that may have been left behind. 

Don’t Leave Them Out

Leaving the clear aligners out would expose them to dirt or lead to more buildup of bacteria. There is also a chance that you may lose them. Put the aligners in their case and keep it with you at all times. In case they are left out for a long time, rinse them immediately, soak them and then rinse them again before putting them on again.

Consider the Adjusting Time

It is easier to adjust to clear aligners as compared to metal or permanent brackets, however, you will need some time to get used to it. You might experience some soreness the first few days but once you get used to them, you would face no problems. You won’t face any tooth or gum irritation that is common with metal wires or permanent brackets.

Talk to your orthodontist to learn more about caring for the Invisalign for a better smile and maintaining the braces better. 

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Emily Taylor found the perfect fit for herself as the Online Marketing Manager at Thurman Orthodontics in Fresno CA as she believes that a great smile does more than just make a person look great – it makes them feel great as well. The power of a smile has always been a mystery to Emily and she loves researching and writing about it. She loves to write about everything to do with a healthy bite and a beautiful smile - whether is it ways to achieve it or the importance of it in the various aspects of life. What brings a big smile on Emily’s face is her family and surfing. She also likes to bake and her children and co-workers call her the cookie fairy!

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