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5 Important Considerations Before Getting Aligner Trays

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Aligner trays work differently than traditional braces. While both help you to align your teeth in perfect symmetry, you need to be aware of the fact that aligner trays come with specific usage behaviours that you will need to learn. According to the best psychiatrist Bay Area, every major treatment requires lifestyle modifications. Firstly, you cannot simply slip in a pair of aligners and forget about them, as it happens with braces.


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Invisalign braces help you get healthier, straighter teeth and attractive smiles. Though they are convenient to use, it is critical that you take absolutely good care of them as they are prone to damage. Follow these 8 tips to take care of your Invisalign braces.

What to Consider When Beginning with Invisalign Treatment

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getting the most from your invisalign treatment

Everyone with uneven or protruded teeth wants their teeth realigned, but not everyone is okay with using metal braces. If you fall in the latter category, Invisalign is the best choice for you. Invisalign is not only more convenient, but a less painful option too. Unlike their traditional counterparts, Invisalign braces are easier to wear, and suit both teens and adults. 

How to Clean and Care for Invisalign Retainers?

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invisalignleaning joomla

Invisalign has brought a revolution in the world of dentistry. It aligns your teeth properly and is considered as a unique system of improving your smile.

You might have already heard that Invisalign retainer is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional braces. But do you know how to clean and maintain it? One especially important rule is to not forget to keep your Invisalign aligner on your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours each day, but equally important is to remember to keep your aligners and teeth clean. How to do that? What tools and products to use? Read more and find out.

How Adults Can Benefit From Clear Braces

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How Adults Can Benefit From Clear Braces 

Clear braces for adults are a clear winner when it comes to teeth straightening options. They are a great alternative to the wires and brackets of traditional metal brackets. More and more people are discovering the convenience, comfort and a host of other benefits offered by the clear braces.

What Every Clear Aligner User Should Know

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Braces are necessary to straighten crooked teeth, however, most choose not to have them as it affects their appearance and is quite uncomfortable. The good news is that you can still fix crooked teeth using trays that are invisible — well, almost. Invisalign aligners help in making the teeth straight without dimming your smile.

What is an Aligner Chewie?

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If you are currently using aligner trays, your orthodontist or dentist may have told you to use "Aligner Chewies" during your treatment. What is an Aligner Chewie and how does it enhance my treatment process?

6 Big Benefits of Teeth Whitening Post Braces

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dental braces JOOMLA

Just had your braces removed? Can’t wait to feel the smooth surface of braces-free teeth and show off that new straight smile to the world? But first, consider a simple teeth whitening treatment. Why, you might ask?

Teeth Straightening Options to Treat Crooked & Misaligned Teeth

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teeth straightening optionsJOOMLA

When we think of braces a vivid picture of a metal mouth comes to our mind. Slowly, this picture is fading away as orthodontic advancements have allowed people of any age to correct their misaligned or crooked teeth with methods that are beyond traditional metal wires and brackets.

How to Keep Your Orthodontic Aligners Clean

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Cleaning Invisalign Aligners joomla

Now that you have made the decision to use orthodontic aligners to create your winning smile, you will need to make sure you keep them clean at all times. If you don’t clean the aligners on a regular basis you will create a setback in your schedule for achieving the smile you deserve. 

5 Important Things You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

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The food you eat everyday is also absorbed by the pores in your teeth and that is why wine, dark berries, coffee and smoking stain your teeth when you consume them regularly. The natural color of your teeth tends to become darker due to these stains that don’t go on their own unless they are removed with professional help. It is a myth that teeth whitening...

Braces vs Aligners Comparison Chart

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Braces may straighten your teeth, but at what cost? Not only are they uncomfortable and difficult to clean, but they are unsightly enough that some people even stop smiling, to avoid calling attention to their teeth. Imagine the irony of not being able to smile while you are doing something that will eventually make you want to smile more. If even teens find braces difficult, an adult certainly would, too.

Orthodontic Clear Aligner Treatment Study

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Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is a quickly growing sector of orthodontic treatment. Both the increase in awareness of esthetics and the increase in orthodontic treatment demand from adults has fueled the demand for a more esthetic orthodontic treatment technique. The public demand for fast and esthetic treatment has been addressed by other dental sectors with approaches such as “instant orthodontics” in which crowns or veneers are used to mask malalignment or with products that claim to use “new techniques” to simply align anterior teeth without addressing other aspects of the occlusion that may need treatment to maintain a healthy dentition. Obviously, these types of approaches raise ethical concerns and the need to educate the public as to the shortfalls of these types of approaches.

An Invisible Way to Straighten Your Teeth

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caschiene mobile

A new and amazingly easy way to straighten teeth is now being offered throughout the dental world. This system is known as an aligner (you might have heard one of the biggest manufacturers of such systems, called Invisalign) and is made from approved material that is virtually invisible; meaning you can correct your teeth without anyone noticing! What a great way to get started on a new year with a new smile! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

5 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for a Fantastic Smile

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Do you hesitate to smile freely and confidently because of discolored, spaced out, chipped, broken or missing teeth? Well, cosmetic dentistry can correct these dental issues and give you the smile of your dreams. A great smile can enhance your appearance, boost your self-esteem, confidence, help you move past any injury or trauma and reduce your risk of oral damage.

Besides, with technological advancements over a period of time, most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures have become more affordable. Mentioned below are five such common services.

Types Of Teeth Whitening Treatments and Risk Associated With Them by Dr. Patel

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Types Of Teeth Whitening Treatments and Risk Associated With Them

Teeth Whitening Treatments: What Are the Options Available?

Tooth discoloration is a common problem, but there’s a wide range of teeth whitening products available these days, depending on your budget, comfort, time (you can spare for treatment) and the amount of discoloration/staining. Let’s look at why this happens and how it can be treated.

Common Reasons for Tooth Discoloration

When teeth get stained, it’s usually due to enamel damage. Enamel is a hard coating that protects our teeth, but it can get eroded or stained due to:

Keeping those "Pearly Whites" white with teeth whitening products!

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White teeth and coffee

So, which teeth whitening products keep teeth pearly white? Back in the day, there really was not much you could do about your teeth when they started to turn yellow. It was just an UGH moment when you realized the only way to deal with it was to stop opening your mouth, but then you decided that was not very realistic, so you did what all of us did at the time…you just lived with it.

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