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About us

Who Are We?

White Teeth Global distributes professional quality teeth whitening products manufactured and shipped from South Florida. We have 30 years of experience in the dental field. Our products are sold on over 250 websites. We were the first company to manufacture 22%, 35%, & 44% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel. With 10 years of experience specifically in the teeth whitening business, we formulate the finest whitening gels, in various strengths, at the lowest prices available. Our on-going research allows us to provide dental professionals and distributors worldwide with the latest and most improved teeth whitening products in the market. Our superior products, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service have earned us our reputation as one of the leaders in the teeth whitening industry. Our most popular products include:

  • Carbamide Peroxide Gel + Kits
  • Pre-filled Dual Arch Trays
  • FOAMING WHITE (Peroxide-Free) Dual Foam System
  • Pro-Dent Breath Spray
  • Remineralization Gel for use After Treatment
  • Thermo-forming & Silicon Filled Teeth Whitening Trays

Why Our Products?

Our gels are manufactured fresh daily with only the finest Kosher ingredients, no animal by products and USP grade carbamide peroxide. We formulate with 100% pure formula, no fillers or additives used. We utilize Becton Dickinson syringes which are the global standard for the medical field. Our syringes are made in the USA per US guidelines. In compliance with FDA requirements, our syringes are machine hot stamped/printed (no adhesive labels used). Private labeling is our specialty! We implement continuous laboratory quality testing of all products. Quality assurance is our priority.

22% | 35% | 44% | Breath Spray | Carbamide Peroxide | Dual Foam System | FDA | FOAMING WHITE | Peroxide-Free | Pre-filled Dual Arch Trays | Pro-Dent | Remineralization Gel | teeth | Teeth Whitening Gel | Thermoforming Trays | White Teeth Global

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